Sunday, 13 March 2016

Shopping and Yum Cha

The end of one year and the start of another is always the busiest time. So after the holidays ended, I caught up with my friends for some shopping while the sales were still going. I didn't actually buy anything in the end (pat, pat) but maybe it's because I spent all my money on my new Cambridge Satchel bag. It's a beautiful port coloured satchel which I've been using almost every day since I purchased it during the Boxing Day sales. It suits everything perfectly, even my macaron print dress!

Dress: Emily Temple Cute
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Co
Shoes: Juju Footwear

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Annual Strawberry Meet

My first meet of the year was the very popular annual strawberry picking meet held in the wonderful German little town of Hahndorf, about 45 minutes drive from the city centre. I love visiting Hahndorf partly to visit the well known strawberry farm, Beerenberg and also for the delicious German food served in numerous inn style restaurants and the little candy shops selling homemade fudge and international delicacies. 

Since I own absolutely nothing that is strawberry printed, I just went with a comfortable outfit with a new skirt I bought late last year. I suppose strawberry flavoured iced doughnuts is the closest I got to the theme! I added some strawberry colours with one of my favourite cardigans and some green socks for a hint of strawberry flavouring!

Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Amavel
Cardigan, socks: Dangerfield
Shoes: ASOS
Hat: Offbrand

Monday, 25 January 2016

Resolutions for the New Year

At the start of 2015, I didn't really set myself any goals for the new year because well, honestly I'm horrible at keeping to them. But I really wanted to make changes for 2016 and I'm determined to stick with it this year. As a pledge to myself, I wanted to share my three lolita/otome related new year resolutions! Did you set any lolita related resolutions this year?

1. Wear the dresses I didn't wear last year
I have a decent size wardrobe with so many prints and dresses that I love, but I never seem to be able to wear them all in one year. Sometimes I end up wearing the same dresses over and over but this year I'll try to make an effort to wear the ones gathering a bit of dust in my wardrobe first.

2. Only buy wishlist items
No, this doesn't mean my wishlist is a mile long and that I'll add any and everything I want to it although that would be a wonderful loophole to my resolution. I think I've reached a stage where I'm more than content with what I already own and I only covet a few more items. I'm not sure what the brands will bring in 2016 but my goal is to find the few dresses on my wishlist (and for a reasonable price only!).

3. Buy a new pannier for otome style
This might seem a little trivial but it's something I keep putting off because I'm buying other things and forget about the essentials! I'm still using my very first lolita pannier that I purchase from Bodyline when I started. I stitched layers of organza to it but since it's still so deflated it's quite alright for otome dresses. But I think it's high time to replace the dying pannier with a new one, and I'm not putting it off any longer!

I think three resolutions should be easier to handle, right? Hopefully I can fulfill and keep these resolutions over the year. Wishing you all the best for the new year and here's to achieving new goals!