Friday, 10 May 2013

Lolita blog carnival: top 3 wishlist items

Hello, hello again! I'm participating in another week of the Lolita Blog Carnival! It's a group of lolita bloggers like me who share their thoughts in a post on the same topic each week. You can join here, and read about other posts at the botton of this one~! The topic of the week was: your top 3 wishlist items!

Everyone knows a lolita always wants more, especially when the brands are introducing new prints every month, our wishlists keep growing and growing. I've already compiled a wishlist here.

But what do I want most? Here are my top three items at the moment:
Recently sold on mbok auctions for over 10,000yen, my dream dress is Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Claudia Fairytale Princess onepiece. I regret not paying the original amount on reservation back in 2011. I hope one day I'll own this beautiful one~!

Another dress I'vee seen sell for a lot of money, is Innocent World's Lotta JSK. If I had a choice, I prefer the nordic blue, but with its rarity and current price tag, I'll settle for any colour. 

Lastly, this print is relatively new to my wishlist item, since it was released last year for Disney's special 110th Anniversary. I love this Jane Marple Snow White onepiece in white. It's another rare one that I'm sure was only available in Japan. I still hope to get my paws on it one day!

What are your top wishlist items at the moment? Have you aquired any wishlist items recently? To read about some other lolita's lists, check these blogs out:

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