Sunday, 23 February 2014

Une journée française

I don't know if you can get any more French than eating crepes. Listening to the bustle of a busy creperie and the French being spoken by waiters, and on the radio really transported me back to my lovely time in France. What a better way to spend a French lolita meet with a French inspired dress from Emily Temple Cute. Such a shame the grammar is horribly wrong on the print, but we can forgive them because it's adorable.

Beret, brooch: Angelic Pretty
Onepiece: Emily Temple Cute
Bag, watch: Swimmer
Necklace: Milk
Everything else: Offbrand


  1. Very cute ! Red lipstick really suits you ♡

    1. Merci Marieee! <3 I think it's a little too bold for my personality normally! Hahaha! x