Friday, 11 April 2014

Lolita blog carnival: current wishlist

It's been some time since I've joined the Lolita Blog Carnival which I guess is just attributed to my laziness. But this week it was easy! Share what's next on your wishlist. Now, I've been lucky enough to find some of my major wishlist items like Emily Temple Cute's Macaron print OP and Chocolate and Ribbon JSK and particularly Jane Marple's Snow White anniversary OP. But as always, no matter how many dream dresses you find, the list keeps growing! 

At the moment, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the following items, they're probably the top 4 on the list at the moment. But I have a more comprehensive list here:

1. Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate JSK first release (brown)
To complete my collection of AP's Royal Chocolates, I'll need to find this rare beauty. It's simple, made of thick fabric embossed with chocolates and it's pretty much perfect for a chocolate lover like me.

2. Angelic Pretty Petit Patisserie tiered JSK (ivory)
I admit this wasn't to my liking when it was released, but it's really grown on me and now I have a mighty need for it's cute French patisseries and soft chiffon fabric. I wouldn't mind it in mint either, but only this cut~

3. Emily Temple Cute Ballerina Bunny OP/NOP (grey)
Yuko Higuchi's whimsical rabbits featuring on this dress has really made it rare and sought after. I hope that I can find it too one day, at a relatively reasonable price too, maybe? Rabbits are my favourite animals and this print is just magnificent!

4. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Claudia the Fairytale Princess OP
This is the 'one that got away' - twice. With the third reservation period around the corner, I'm praying to the lolita gods to let me get it maybe this time around. It's absolutely stunning, and I mightn't to it any justice but I still need it in my life.

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