Saturday, 3 May 2014

A Grimm fairytale

My sister and I  had our first lolita x mori girl style photoshoot! A friend of ours took us up to the lovely hills for an autumn theme shoot. And we decided to put our own twist on it. Can you guess the theme? Yes, it's the Grimm brothers' Little Red Riding Hood fairytale!

I strayed from the path and took a shortcut across this little brook. And on the way I picked some lovely flowers for my grand mother. My tried to keep my coordinate simple and a classic representation of lolita fashion. Ah dear, I'm really horrible at posing and pretending to look natural.

Ah, it's the big bad wolf! She's swallowed my grand mother and is wearing her clothes!! She is looking as perfect as ever in her mori style coordinate. I loved her wolf ears made from the wig the most. 

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