Friday, 9 May 2014

Lolita blog carnival: Disney coordinate


Hello! Oh I couldn't miss this week's Lolita Blog Carnival's topic. Create a coordinate based on a Disney character. It was the perfect excuse to try a coordinate with my ultimate dream dress.

Jane Marple's Disney 110th Anniversary Snow White print! I was lucky to find the black colour on auction earlier this year and didn't hesitate to purchase it. So quite obviously,Snow White was my Disney character of choice. Cute little Snow White, being the first of the Disney princess' has a simple character design but I really adore her (not as much as Belle from Beauty and the Beast though).

Here's a photo of the full coordinate! I kept it relatively simple and chose some bright yellow tights and cute handmade red headbow I made. I think this emanates her simple yellow skirt and red ribbon in her hair.

Onepiece: Jane Marple
Shoes: Baroque (indie Korean brand)
Headbow: Handmade by me
Everything else: Offbrand

I bought these cute glitter shoes from the indie lolita brand Baroque. I think they match the black of the onepiece perfectly but gives a nice shine to them. The small heel and cute bows really add a feminine touch to the outfit, a young innocent princess~
As for makeup, I decided to use my lovely makeup 'Les Merveillieuses' by Laduree. I bought the face powder for perfect ivory skin, and the gorgeous rose petal blush for literally rosy cheeks. As for lipstick, I found the perfect one! From MAC's 'Disney Villians' collection, a sweet pink featuring the evil Queen from Disney's Snow White! Plus some simple accessories, like rings, earrings and my favourite - key necklace.

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  1. Your dress and your outfit idea are very beautiful.

    1. Thank youuu for the compliment! x