Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review: Baroque's glitter bow shoes

I don't often do reviews but there's no time like the present! I recently made a group order with a few friends for the indie lolita brand Baroque's glitter bow shoes. Actually, I have done a review from Baroque already, last year I bought their popular Missing letter keys and rabbits jumperskirt.

Anyway, as soon as I saw the photos for the shoes, I knew I needed them. Glitter shoes have been rare but really popular, who doesn't like sparkles, right? Even more so is the colour gold! Originally Baroque only offered two colours (pink and black), but with such high demand for gold, it became available - yess!

I bought a pair of gold ones (obviously) and some black ones in size 250 (korean size). It's the equivalent of 25.0 in japanese sizes or about a 39-40 in european sizes. A lot of my friends who ordered these shoes in other sizes found they were too small, which was a shame. But mine fit perfect. This makes some sense since some other shoes I've bought from Korea in size 250 have always been a bit of a roomy fit. I think these glitter shoes must have run smaller than the standard sizing.

My favourite part of these shoes has to be the easy hook for the strap. It saves so much time compared to having to do up the buckle every time. The bows on the front are moveable along the strap, so you can adjust the bow to sit perfectly front on. How cute is the perforated heart detail? 

The material seems quite thin and fragile at first, and I was really really worried that the glitter would easily rub off. But I wore the gold ones to a tea party and they held up really well. Though the glitter does rub, it isn't so bad. As for comfort, I found them really comfortable and easy to walk in.

All in all, I was rather happy with my purchase. Since my friends and I ordered so many, we were able to save on shipping (free EMS shippingggg), which meant each pair only cost $61USD. I was really pleased with the entire transaction and would happily deal with Baroque again :)


  1. Where can you buy them, I don't find the Baroque page >-<
    They look wonderful !!

  2. Hi! Here are the links to their facebook page and website. I must edit this to put the links in! Unfortunately it was only on reservation and I don't know if they will make more. But I hope you find them somewhere else! x