Saturday, 17 May 2014

Royal creamy chocolate

For the chocolate lolita meet, I actually had a difficult time choosing which dress to wear, but in the end I decided to show off my newest chocolate addition - Angelic Pretty's Royal Creamy Chocolate. I was really obsessed with this print, it was incredibly cute! I loved the pony cameos and crowns but most of all the spoons and chocolate blocksss! So along with the salopette, I bought the tights, in both ivory and brown, bag and beret in brown and the headbow in ivory. Whoops!

What do you think about my coordinate? Is it chocolate enough? I swapped my Royal Creamy beret for my sister's Melty Royal beret because hers matched my tights better, and mine matched her dress. Oh, I forgot to say, we were inverse twinning! (No photos because I forgot, but I will get them from a friend, hopefully!)

Beret, blouse, salopette, tights, bag: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Everything else: Offbrand

Just the day before the meet, I received in the mail the best book in the whole world! It's Q-pot's Sweet Collection book from 2012. It looks like a chocolate bar with some nutrition facts on the back, isn't that cute? I love looking at all the whimsical pictures in the book and point at everything saying 'I want that'!


  1. You really rock the chocolate look! You look so cute! I love how q-pot makes everything look like real candy!

    1. Ahhh, thank youuu! I really love Q-pot! x