Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Regimental Stripe

Welcome to my second post in my coordinates series! With my amazing Jane Marple Regimental Stripe skirt I put together a preppy otome style outfit with military style brooches and my favourite Angelic Pretty's beret. It's so casual I'm hoping to wear it soon, maybe to university some time! (Though it's exam time so I'm definitely not trying so hard with what I wear, haha!)

I brought out the thin bordeaux coloured stripes on the skirt by matching a bordeaux cardigan and beret. The cream blouse balances the removable underskirt made of tulle and I added some touches of gold to match the beret. Along with gold, some quirky solid mustard tights add to the vibrancy but still within, I think, the confines of the colour palette used. Cute nerdy glasses, which are becoming ever so popular also adds an intelligent flair to the outfit, don't you think? 

The skirt comes with a removable underdress which is the cream coloured tulle peeking out from the skirt. The skirt is made of a lovely thick material with the little emblems woven into the fabric. It's so plain compared to the rest of my lolita and otome wardrobe but it fits right in with my other casual clothes. So now I can wear otome inspired style in my everyday fashion! As for the rosette, gifted from a lovely friend of mine, has some different patterns - harlequin diamonds, tartan frill and some textured grosgrain ribbon. The emblem in the middle matches the beret too so I think it really adds a nice touch to the coordinate.

Shoes are as important to the outfit as ever. And these amazing heeled loafer style shoes are perfect for the preppy look. The brogue style punching holes are an elegant detail to the shoes and they add just the right amount of height to look classic and comfortable.

Skirt: Jane Marple
Blouse: H&M
Beret: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Milk
Rosette: Infanta
Everything else: Offbrand or handmade

Do you like this preppy and regimental style?


  1. Wow that's amazingly cute. I always love your co-ordinates. I love how you follow a theme so well and put so much thought into each piece.


    1. THANK YOU Kathyy! I didn't try too hard with this, it just came to me when I received the skirt XDD Thank youuu though x

  2. I like it so much ! Stripes and stripes and stripes ! :D
    Can't wait to see you wear it ! :) You'll look adorable, I'm sure !

    1. Merci Pyl! <3 Stripes are so pretty and elegant. I hope I can wear it soon too :D