Saturday, 7 June 2014

Happy international lolita day

Every year on the first Saturday of June and December, lolitas around the world celebrate International Lolita Day. It's the perfect excuse to dress up, meet friends or new lolitas and enjoy a cup of tea together. After having missed the ILD meets for the past couple of years, I was really looking forward to making it this year and being able to wear my newest dress - Angelic Pretty's Magical Etoile (re-release)!

I have quite the magical and unbelievable story behind the purchase of this dress. A week or so before the re-release was announced, I had thought about how cute the Magical Etoile print was but how I hated the original colours. The pink and sax were too pastel for my liking, and the red and black too stark. How perfect a navy colour way would be... Et voila! A week later Angelic Pretty were re-releasing it in my dream (literally) colour, so it must have been destiny!

I decided to pair my gorgeous new dress with one of my favourite colours - lavender. What do you think of the colour combination with navy x lavender? Since the weather was really quite perfect (it's actually winter here, who would've thought?) I didn't need thick socks or a big coat so it doesn't really looks like a winter outfit at all!

Jumperskirt: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Milk
Shoes: Baroque
Blouse: Pumpkin Cat
Everything else: Offbrand or handmade

Hope you all enjoyed International Lolita Day! x


  1. JuuJuu~! ♥ The lavender and navy is super cute- you inspired me to try something new with Sweetie Violet. I don't know if I would wear it, but I'll dedicate it to you!

  2. Hello RinRin! <3 Ah thank you! I'm glad you like my colour combination. :) I'm looking forward to see you wear Sweetie Violet, dear! :3