Sunday, 8 June 2014

International lolita day meet

Instead of hosting the International Lolita Day meet in a fancy tea salon, our community decided to enjoy an afternoon among homemade sodas and delicious burgers and fries. We found a cute little shop hidden on the second floor of this wonderful arcade, it's called Two-Bit Villain. They have lovely staff and really yummy sodas like watermelon or blueberry flavour.

The lovely restaurant/cafe also wrote little cards wishing us a 'Happy International Lolita Day', which was a very cute touch. Obviously the organiser must have told them what we were celebrating when making the reservation. Less girls showed up than expected but there were a number of new faces which is always lovely!

The kind staff even helped us take a group photo! Doesn't everyone look so lovely? I am so envious of that Lotta skirt! One day I will find the jumperskirt in nordic blue... some day!!

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