Monday, 21 July 2014

Avcon 2014: Friday

Oh wow, it's been such a long weekend of Avcon, Adelaide's anime and gaming convention! Apart from the usual anime and gaming, there's also a really big lolita and japanese street fashion culture too. To start off the fun-packed weekend, our lolita community held a dinner on Friday night to welcome any tired interstaters who'd come down for the convention.

I didn't get many photos at dinner, which was held at a busy and noisy italian restaurant, because I was much too absorbed in my yummy chicken and rocket pizza. Plus the lighting in the restaurant was so dark so the few photos I had were so blurry and unworthy of being blogged about.

As for my outfit, I wore Angelic Pretty's lovely Musée du Chocolat print! I sold the switching style for this one because I really loved the embroidered ribbon sash. However, I hated the long floppy grosgrain ribbon because it never sat right so for the first time in my life and after much reluctance, I 'altered' a brand dress. I carefully picked the ribbon off the sash. Here, I pinned a chocolate bow brooch from another Angelic Pretty dress on top of the sash. It looks so much neater, I'm so glad I made the small change.

Jumperskirt, brooch, socks, bag: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Bowler hat: Dangerfield
Crown brooch: Handmade
Everything else: Offbrand

Since I wanted to add more burgundy coloured accessories to the outfit, I borrowed my sister's curtain tassels from her dolly-kei 'wardrobe'. It reminded me of the rope ribbon of the switching style but it's more extravagant and I really love the look. What do you think? 

That's all I have to share from day one of Avcon! I hope you like my outfit~