Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Alice in Wonderland

Brr...the weather sure has gotten chilly recently! The best way to hibernate in winter is to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. My next outfit for my coordinate blog series is inspired by Lewis Carroll's wonderful and well loved book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I was so excited the day this print was released and bought this amazing dress from Jane Marple at once. At first I debated which colour I preferred, navy or off white but I went with the latter since the cute Macmillan drawings stood out better. Onto the coordinate~

I decided to create a coordinate that's quite simple. It's more otome style with hints of classical lolita, I think. I paired the dress with a dark navy and my adored mustard yellow polka socks for a pop of colour. Do you like my outfit?

Emulating the style of cute little Alice, the navy headbow I made for Magical Etoile works perfectly with the colour of the cardigan. The rabbit brooch is made by my lovely sister at Peter Pan Syndrome and the felt clock brooch and ribbon brooch is from a beret I bought. But I think it matches the story of Alice in Wonderland to a tee~

I was very excited to feature this little gem in my Alice in Wonderland outfit. My older sister bought me the lovely Disney Couture necklace for my birthday this year! She really knows what I like! It's my favourite character's top hat - in this style 10/6.

Loafer style shoes definitely fit the Jane Marple aesthetic much more than Mary Jane style shoes which would have been my next choice. But I love these shoes to bits. I don't think I'll ever find a replacement for them so I try to take very good care of them.

Lastly, here's a detail of my London print bag from Cath Kidston. I've collected so many things from Cath Kidston but this carry-all bag I picked up on my first trip to London in 2012. It features lovely little London icons like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and even the London Eye~ I thought it matched the British style and theme, don't you agree?

Jumperskirt: Jane Marple
Blouse: H&M
Bag: Cath Kidston
Necklace: Disney Couture
Headbow: Handmade by me
Everything else: Offbrand

I wanted to leave you with a detail on the dress compared with the illustrations in the book. I really adore Alice in Wonderland illustrations but nothing beats the traditional classic artwork by Macmillan.


  1. You're right, those brooches match really well! I love the little Horatio brooch :D