Monday, 14 July 2014

Liberté. Egalité. Fraternité.

As a lover of French culture, I always like to do something extra stereotypically frenchy to celebrate. From eating macarons and croissants to just wearing a beret and humming 'La Marseillaise'. And today I decided to put together a French themed coordinate with my lovely French Doll onepiece from Angelic Pretty. Paired simply with a red cardigan and accessories, the coordinate is undoubtedly inspired by the tricolour flag - blue, white and red. 

I managed to find this gorgeous dress with the socks and the sweet tricolour ribbon on auction for a very low price. It's so simple but the detail is so lovely. I love the silver embroidered 'bonjour' on the collar and the rosette brooch that came with the dress. It's a little Eiffel Tower with a ribbon wrapped around it!

I tried to keep the accessories subtle with the delicate little Eiffel Tower necklace and 'Paris' necklace, the latter which my sister Kairii bought for me knowing it's my favourite city in the world. She has a matching 'London' one too~ 

Doesn't the red gingham  headband remind you of the typical tablecloths you see all over France? I'm already thinking about hot French onion soup and beef bourgignon! I borrowed it quickly for the photo, thanks sis Kairii!!

My petit beurre biscuit bag matches the French theme too~ I really wanted the large one but it was too expensive at the time. I was saved by the release of the smaller version.

My shoes are very casual and comfortable. Shiny black patent leather shoes for a slightly alternative look from mary janes or tea party style.

Onepiece, rosette, socks: Angelic Pretty
Headband,  bag: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Everything else: Offbrand

I hope you enjoyed my Bastille celebration coordinate! x


  1. J'adore !! I like stereotypical coord, don't ask me why xD
    I think your bright pretty shoes are the highlight of this coord ! I've seen many "French touch" coord, but I like yours very much !
    Oh, I was wondering if you speak French, because you lived in France before, right ? :) I'm from the French part of Switzerland :)

    1. Oui, je parle français! :D Je faisais un échange en France pour 6 mois en 2012-13. J’adore le France ! J’ai visité Lucerne une fois pour quelques jours quand j’étais en Europe. Mais je veux aller aux autres parts de la Suisse~ XD Merci pour le commentaire, j’aime bien les stéréotypes sauf celles australiennes! (Non, je n’ai pas un kangourou domestique, hihihi) ;)))

    2. Oh yeah, trop cool ! Eheh, si tu reviens en Europe, particulièrement en Suisse, j'aimerais beaucoup te rencontrer IRL ! *__* J'adore faire visiter Lausanne aux touristes :D

      Aw, je suis trop déçue, moi qui t'imaginais voyager dans la poche d'un kangourou :P

    3. Hahah ! ok, pour toi, ouiii le mode de transport ici est bien sûr dans la poche d’un kangourou ! XD En fait, l’été dernier j’ai eu un petit koala qui est resté quelques jours dans mon jardin ! Les animaux australiennes sont vraiment partout...

      Je serais enchantée de te voir un jour ! <3 Et si tu veux laisser les beaux Alpes pour des après-midis sur les belles plages avec le sable d’or et l’eau bleu ou tu aimes le temps super chaud, visites-moi en Australie <3 Je t’attend ;)

  2. Ahah, that's cute and funny at the same time!
    And the best thing is that you wear stereotypical French outfits better than French girls, you can be proud :)
    What a lovely outfit by the way ~ 

    1. Aww, you make me blush! <3 I think French girls are all so beautiful and all wear lolita really well!! Thank youuu so much for the compliment <3<3 Haha, I really love France and can't wait to go back some day~ This is the only way to connect with my inner French soul XD