Saturday, 12 July 2014

Latest shopping haul

I've been seriously trying to curb my spending these past couple of months mainly because I have been buying way more than I should and I've still so many clothes yet to be worn. I had to restrain myself from checking the auctions on Yahoo Japan and Mbok. I only bought these Emily Temple Cute socks because they'd match my Fancy Paper Dolls print. But I was most excited to receive my Cambridge Satchel Company designer bag and one of my dream prints - Petit Patisserie by Angelic Pretty! 

 Firstly, let me share some casual items I found on my shopping expedition the other day. This cute wine coloured bowler hat is perfect for bad hair days and I'm looking forward to wearing it in an otome outfit soon! And aren't these gingham skorts really cool too! I have another pair in a different pattern but the same cut and I love them so I was excited to find these on sale! They're made of a light chiffon material so I'm waiting for some warmer weather before taking these out~

This is a belated birthday gift from my sweet sister! I really wanted to buy this perfume but I always had something else I wanted to spend my money on. To my surprise, my sister bought this little 20mL version for me. The scent is very girly and floral but also quite fresh so it's perfect for spring. Actually I wanted to buy it in Paris in December but it wasn't released in Europe yet! (Wait what? A release in Australia before the rest of the world?)

Taa daa!! Caught up with my sister's Zatchel order, I checked Asos to see if my beloved bag was still available. And not only was it still there, it was on sale too! How I love mid-year sales! I had to grab it even if I couldn't afford it. It's made from real leather and the little tartan patch really adds some style to it, right? Ahh, it will surely be my new everyday bag~

I picked this skirt up last month and already made an outfit with it here. It's Jane Marple's Regimental Stripe and it's perfect in navy! The stripes and little crests are woven into the thick fabric. I love the preppy look of the skirt and it's so casual I'm sure it'll be joining my everyday wardrobe too. 

And last but not least I'm so excited to share my newest lolita purchase! It's Angelic Pretty's Petit Patisserie skirt in ivory~ Three amazing lolitas in my community have started a new secondhand shop online called BerrieCute. They just returned from their trip to Japan (bringing all the lolita back too!) and once I saw their post that they bought a Petit Patisserie skirt, I was on it immediately. Even though I still want the tiered jumperskirt style, my sister helped me buy this in the meantime. 

That's all the shopping so far! I sure hope I don't spend anymore at Avcon next weekend, even though I am sure to find something cute at the BerrieCute stand. Oh dear...


  1. Cute haul! The bag you picked up matches regimental stripe so well. :D You have to do a co-ord with them together.

    1. THANK YOU! It's rather small (wait, what?) but it's all I have for the month XD I must and I'll call it Kathy's pick <3