Saturday, 12 July 2014

Paper dolls and preparations

 I've been quite busy during my uni mid-year break! Mainly I've been focusing a lot of time preparing for the yearly anime and gaming convention in my city. This year I'll be in charge of running a Lolita Panel as well as judging the Lolita Parade and I also organised a little Lolita Tea Party too! You can imagine how much running around I've been doing! But today I decided to take a little break and put together a coordinate for the upcoming busy weekend! I wanted to wear a pastel sweet over the top style for once. Usually I'm covered in chocolate or something otome style. There aren't many opportunities to go all the way with my outfit, so Avcon is a very good chance. I'll be wearing Fancy Paper Dolls by Angelic Pretty in lavender. What do you think of my coordinate with a pastel lemon yellow?

 I tried to pull together all my yellow, lavender and pink accessories for this outfit and I realised I don't have much pastels at all! They are just all different bows! Oh well, maybe I won't be so over the top as I though. Plus the lavender colours are all a little mistmatched, but the print has a few different shades too so hopefully it won't look too bad.

 Some more accessories! It's not a very good photo, but maybe you can see the cute marshmallow and cream bracelet. The colours are so sweet and pastel I think it'll match the dress perfectly. I have to thank my dear friend Lauren for making it for me. And the cute yellow fluffy bow is also made by a friend! I bought it from Lindzi before she became part of Peppermint Fox. It's cute, right?

Since it's winter, I will probably wear some over the knee socks instead of these cute transparent ones. Just today I received some lovely Emily Temple Cute border stripe socks in lavender and yellow! I can't wait to wear them with this print~ Little usakumya is going to some fun this year too!

I only have pastel pink shoes, but I think they'll still fit the outfit. Pink matches the ribbon on the print. Plus I have some little pink accessories too to bring out the colours of the dress. What do you think? It's really very pastel and sweet, right? I can't wait to wear it this weekend. I will try to take some photos if I'm not rushing around too much but surely I will write about it soon~

Jumperskirt, headbow, brooch: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Pumpkin Cat
Bag, necklace: Milk
Usakumya bag: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Secret Shop
Everything else: Offbrand or handmade


  1. The colours are too cute, Angii! I'm really looking forward to seeing you soon ♥

    1. Lindziii, me too! It's going to be great! Thank youu, I hope I can pull off pastel sweet :3

  2. Your coord looks amazing!
    A Lolita parade? Sounds wonderful!

    1. THANK YOUU! Yes, a lolita parade where girls can wear a coordinate they put together and walk down a catwalk/stage. It's also a competition for best dressed too. So I get to judge it :D

  3. This is so cute ! It's sweet and pastel, yummy ! I'm not into Sweet Lolita, but I found your coord very original and adorable ! :3

  4. Thank you Pyl! <3 I usually don't like such pastel sweet either! Usually O prefer chocolate themes with beige and browns colours XD