Sunday, 3 August 2014

Avcon shopping haul

I've finally gotten around to making a post about the goodies I received and bought over the Avcon weekend. I didn't buy a lot since I was so busy (and on a limited budget). Most of the things were presents from my sweet friend Lauren who recently returned from her Japan/Hong Kong/ France trip. I managed to pick up a few accessories through the Artist Alley and of course I paid our new local secondhand lolita shop BerrieCute a visit too though I didn't end up buying a lot.

Lauren brought back a lovely eyeshadow palette from NoirBlanc, a Hong Kong brand with some great neutral colours that I'll definitely be using often. There's a peachy pink Heavy Rotation liquid blush that I'm so glad she chose for me because it's certainly my favourite blush colour. Plus a mini bottle of lavender nail polish to add to my collection and some face masks and scrubs which I can't wait to use.
Apart from make up, Lauren also found the BEST stickers and notepad! Macarons! They are my absolute favourite and I'm so grateful! I want to stick the colourful macaron stickers everywhere (but I also don't want to waste them, so I'm torn!!)

 First off is the sassy Lumpy Space Princess brooch from We're All Mad Here! She had a great deal so my sister's bought one each too since we love watching Adventure Time together. I chose 'Lump off', but we also bought 'What the Lump' and 'Oh My Glob'. The little foxes are brooches designed by my dear friend Thaleia for her joint business with another friend called Peppermint Fox. I actually bought Klaus, the sailor fox some time back but hadn't posted about him. Adding to my fox collection is this beautiful fox head. It matches a damask fox brooch I bought from Thaleia three years ago before she became PepFox! I'm overjoyed at the success of my foxy friends~ Even though they've moved to Melbourne and we hardly get to see each other. It's so great to see their popularity and success, I wish the best for them!

Lastly, my impulse buy from the BerrieCute booth! The three lovely girls recently returned from Japan bringing stacks of great items. I picked up this Swimmer biscuit wallet to match my Swimmer biscuit bag. I tried to use it as my daily wallet but it can't hold all my cards and I'm just too used to my big red choochoo cat wallet. Oh well! Next time, I'll have to think about my purchases and whether I NEED them rather than they are just cute, haha~


  1. Awesome haul!
    I am so in love with the PeppermintFox brooches <3
    Sadly I missed them D:

  2. Au, I'm so glad that you like the goodies :D We are Purse twins (sorta!) :D Swimmer makes the cutest stuff!