Sunday, 3 August 2014

Doughnuts and Cutlery

I've been hiding this lovely dress by Emily Temple Cute in my closet for over a year now and hadn't worn it until the Avcon dinner. However, being forgetful as usual, I didn't get a coordinate outfit. So I decided to make up for it by putting together a different outfit with this yummy doughnut and cutlery print. What do you think? My goal was to make an outfit that's not all that childish even though the print is so sweet and pastel. I used some dark burgundy colours with gold accents (I think this is my favourite colour combination) and my super bargain find chocolate cardigan by Emily Temple Cute.

I think the off white coloured blouse with a big bow tie makes the outfit more elegant rather than a peter pan collar which is more childish. The glasses add sophistication too, don't you think? So dorky and cute! I had to bring out some of the sweeter themes (how could I not?) with the cute little linked doughnuts necklace by Milk and some chocolate accessories to match the cardigan and the chocolate iced doughnuts on the print! Yummy~

As for a slightly different accessory for the head, I paired my wonderful wine coloured bowler hat with tights in the same colour. Adding a darker tone to the outfit is a great way to turn a sweet outfit into something more bittersweet and a little more mature, I think. The burgundy colour also works well with the brown chocolate cardigan too and helps bring the darker tones out from the print meaning less focus on the pastels! I really love this print so much! It has order (which for a perfectionist like me is very pleasing!) in the way the doughnuts and cutlery are lined and the details on the little spoons and forks are just my favourite!

To bring out the golden spoons and forks, gold shoes and bag match perfectly. Gold metallic tones work really well no matter the style -sweet or classical. It's really very versatile! I seriously love my Milk heart bag to death. It's big and spacious (though I always lose my lip balm at the bottom of the bag) and just matches everything in my wardrobe!

Onepiece, cardigan: Emily Temple Cute
Bag, necklace: Milk
Blouse: H&M
Chocolate bow brooch: Angelic Pretty
Gold glitter brooch: 6% Dokidoki
Bowler hat: Dangerfield
Shoes: Secret Shop
Everything else: Offbrand

Hopefully I can wear this soon, because I just love putting the little doughnuts and cutlery on my body!


  1. That necklace is soooo cute (I feel like I've probably said this before, it just stands out to me so much!) I really like this outfit, I hope the weather will get nicer soon so more cute outfits can be worn :D

    1. Ah isn't it justttt~? Thanks girly, maybe I'll wear it to the next meetup. Though I feel bad wearing otome to lolita meets, haha!

  2. Yummy ! Be careful, or someone will try to eat your outfit ! :D The gold touch is very original to go with those sweet prints ! :)

    1. Oh thank you soo much! <3 I better be careful when I wear it XD