Sunday, 7 September 2014

Chocolate and Ribbon

I'm welcoming Spring with a cute pink and blue chocolate themed otome coordinate! I was originally thinking of selling this pretty chiffon dress from Emily Temple Cute but decided against it. It's just too cute and comfortable. Spring is warm and bright but sometimes the chill of Winter is stubborn, so I decided to coordinate with my favourite casual duck egg blue coloured parka.

Dress: Emily Temple Cute
Blouse: Amavel
Bag, brooch: Angelic Pretty
Parka: Quirky Circus
Shoes: Juju Footwear
Socks: Offbrand
Beret: Handmade

I picked up some great short sleeved blouses on sale at Amavel and was so eager to try them out in coordinates. I love the light fabric used and the sizing is really great too. Plus it was so much cheaper than branded blouses but so much cuter than offbrand. It's really perfect! I topped the coordinate off with a drippy chocolate beret that a lovely lolita friend made for me as a gift. I really love the thought she put into it and am so grateful~

I was firstly inspired to make a pink and blue coordinate from this Angelic Pretty bag! I almost forgot about it because it was tucked away behind my chocolate themed bags. But when I recently rediscovered it in my wardrobe I could almost see this outfit in my head. So, what do you think of the colour combination?

Last but not least, I finished the outfit off with my favourite pair of pearl blue (with glitter!) Juju jelly sandals. They are slightly heeled for a feminine look but are still cute and I think they're calling Summer to come early. I can't wait to wear this cute outfit soon~


  1. Love this outfit!! So damn cute. ^__^

    1. Thank you Bec! I really love these soft pastel colours!