Saturday, 13 September 2014

Fancy Paper Doll

 I put together a Spring/Summer coordinate with my pastel sweet Fancy Paper Doll print by Angelic Pretty. I absolutely love this bluish lavender colour even though it's really hard to match with other lavender accessories. I decided to match this sweet, cool colour with pink accents. What do you think?

Jumperskirt, bag, beret: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Amavel
Necklace: Emily Temple Cute
Shoes: Secret Shop
Socks: Offbrand

Keeping accessories simple is really great for hot weather because no one really can be bothered, right?

This lovely Fancy Box beret in pink was my first Angelic Pretty beret acquired 2 years back and I absolutely adore it. Pink and lavender go so well together!

What do you think of brown coloured tea party shoes? It brings out the tiny brown eyes on the little animal dolls in the print plus it matches the 'Dollhouse' embroidery on the blouse. I think maybe a chocolate brown coloured wig might help balance out the touch of brown in the outfit too.

Isn't the print so cute? I'm not usually a huge fan of Angelic Pretty's pastel prints, but I really love this one so much. The little paper cut out dolls and accessories are very cute and the cut is rather flattering too! I hope I can wear it more in Summer.


  1. The beret looks really amazing because it is so detailed! Love your outfit :3

    1. Ah thank you dear! Yes, I love the beret too, AP makes the best berets <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, dear! <3 You have such a cute blog :D

  3. Si mignon ! Cette petite touche brune "éclaire" cette tenue aux teintes claires et ajoutent une touche "sage" à l'ensemble ! :)

    1. Merci Pyl! <3 C'est l'effet que je voulais :3