Sunday, 26 October 2014

Loyal Rosette

I wanted to share a quick coordinate I threw together after receiving (and photographing) all my new items. It'll be my last haul for the year (if I can keep my promise to myself) so I thought it best to play around with what I have in my wardrobe rather than look at new releases or auction sites. Loyal Rosette by Angelic Pretty is a wonderful royal print that I coveted the moment I saw the magazine pictures. I was so lucky to get the colour I wanted too! Here's my little royal outfit~

Blouse, jumpskirt, bag, socks, beret: Angelic Pretty
Sceptre, crown: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Secret Shop

I added a touch of chocolate which I think is rather subtle, though a little out of place perhaps? The touch of gold screen printing on the beret and the logo plate on the bag were rather royal details that played into the theme of the print. Maybe Loyal Chocolate Rosette will become the next AP chocolate print (and you'll know it started here)...

Struggling to decide whether I wanted navy or red socks lost me the red tartan beret from the series. But I ended up choosing the navy socks for some contrast with the dress. I think red socks might have been a little too much. And no royal coordinate is complete without a crown and sceptre to finish!

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