Sunday, 26 October 2014

Three Month Shopping Haul

Uh oh! Looks like my wallet took quite the beating in the past three months. Thanks to Angelic Pretty's new releases and some other sale and bargain finds I found. But now I'm under a very strict restriction - I'm not to buy ANYTHING for the rest of the year. I wonder if I can uphold my promise... I've been very busy with moving so I didn't have time to share until now~

AP Loyal Rosette JSK and socks. I was too slow to buy the matching beret but maybe I'll find it secondhand! The print is absolutely amazing and the colours are so beautifully vibrant. I really can't wait to wear this royal print soon.

AP Melty Ribbon Chocolate JSK, socks and beret. I got everything I wanted in all the colours I wanted! I am so excited to have another chocolate print in my collection and the cut is really lovely too. I did hope the waist ribbon was going to be a darker bitter colour like the pictures of the skirt. That's why I chose the bitter chocolate beret over brown. Oh well, I guess I needed some chocolate variety in my wardrobe...


AP Cosmic print sailor JSK and socks. I reserved this many moons ago and have been waiting so patiently! I couldn't believe my luck with the reservation especially since the print was so popular but my lucky stars must have all aligned (puns intended). Can you see the three little rabbits on the full moon? It's the most adorable detail which just deepens my love for AP!

I also bought lots of blouses too! Since Spring has arrived and Summer is knocking on my door, I had to invest in these sweet Amavel blouses. I love the embroidery on the collar and all in all they're a marvelous fit and perfect for lolita and otome.

I scored AP's Musee du Chocolat blouse for a cheap price on mbok and it's going to look so great with Loyal Rosette, don't you think? I adore the gold tassels on the big ribbon tie. I also won the sweet AP Melty Royal Chocolate Plate tote bag on auction! After buying it late last year on the webshop but then having it lost in the mail, this chocolate bag was on my wishlist and I finally found it and it's in really great condition too! 

Swimmer Cherry and Biscuit berets and AatP Guilty Meltin' Sweets Town socks (what a mouthful of a name!). The berets were really popular and I managed to buy the last ones in this design on their webshop. Somehow I managed to complete the order/cart system with only the help of google translate!

Oh wow, I pray that Angelic Pretty won't be surprising me with any more fantastic releases, because I honestly can't keep up!

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