Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ahoy, sailor!

"Let's have a nautical themed lolita meet!" To which I whine: "but I don't have anything to make a sailor outfit". A quick dash to Bodyline to pick up some seifukus and a week of finger crossing and postal checking, my sister and I managed to pull together a cute twinning sailor coordinate. (Thank you Mr. Yan, our seifukus arrived JUST in time for the weekend)

Do you like our matching outfits? Everyone was so surprised by our seifuku ingenuity - they make great sailor blouses in lolita outfits. We wore twinning Magical Etoile by Angelic Pretty, which admittedly isn't very sailor themed at all but my sister (who should really be attributed this creativity) took inspiration from the releases sailor collared jumperskirt and I think it was rather successful!

Jumperskirt: Angelic Pretty
Sailor top: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

The meet was held further out from the city but in Port Adelaide which is well, you might deduce from the name, a port! A perfect location for a sailor meet, I dare say! I don't remember much about Port Adelaide (I haven't visited this part of town since I was very young) but I found it absolutely darling!

We arrived at Port Adelaide an hour later than the meet starting so we took some time photographing each other (while the other sailors enjoyed their time onboard a ship in the Maritime Museum). I think it must have been fantastic in there and it's a shame we were late!

Another detail point which received some attention from our lolita friends was my Captain America beret (worn by Kairii), which I made earlier this year for the release of The Winter Soldier. It appears there were a few Marvel fans among the lolita group!

Apart from the rain later in the day (weather in Adelaide is so temperamental, sometimes!) we had a jolly good time together by the Port. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed dressing as sailors, especially me, and I'm hoping next time we can set sail! All aboard!


  1. Aaah but you are so cute. How do you do it ? And sailor is always so lovely~

    1. Thank youuuu so much Mariee! You are my sailor inspiration <3