Sunday, 16 November 2014

Halloween lolita meet

Greetings, earthlings! For our lolita community's Halloween meet, my sister and I tried something completely different to your usual witches and vampires. Can you guess what inspired our coordinates? We're intergalactic sailors visiting Earth from a faraway universe!

I had been planning this twin coordinate quite some time before Halloween, from funny glitter antennae to weird third eyes (complete with false eyelash) to a starry sprinkle on the cheeks. We even came up with a funny Spork cross salute pose! Do you like our take on alien coordinates? (Excuse the yellow food colouring stain, I'd been busy making candy corn cookies earlier)

Jumperskirt, socks: Angelic Pretty
Alien antennae: Handmade
Moon choker: ASOS
Cardigan: Offbrand

The organiser of the meet had prepared for us a really fun filled evening party. We played a really great 'Mummy racing game' that my friends and I won (we're really good at covering people in toilet paper so it seems) and even had a candy filled Halloween pinata! Everyone had a really good laugh and everyone went home with prizes and goody bags.

Even the food that everyone brought was on theme! Skeleton cookies and graveyard cupcakes were only a couple of the amazing Halloween inspired food that night. There were, as usual, a disproportional number of cupcakes and sweets to savoury foods. But who can really complain, right?

Leaving you with a really cute close-up of my sister's make up and hair. She's so adorable and this short fringe and bob wig looks 100 times better on her than me!

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