Sunday, 16 November 2014

Halloween tea party


Happy Halloween (so very late, I know)! How did you spend your spooky weekend this year? My sister and I prepared a delicious tea party complete with cute decorations and Halloween inspired food. We bought these on theme doughnuts, made little candy corn shortbread biscuits and some pumpkin, apple and cinnamon filling for some sandwiches. Served with some refreshing Turkish apple and rose iced tea. We really had quite a feast!

We took the opportunity to dress up a little too and take a few photos before eating. Honestly I was really looking forward to those doughnuts so the photos are few. Our outfits were inspired by Halloween candy treats! I'm a stick of sugary sweet marshmallow dipped in chocolate, and my sister is a funny little candy corn girl!

Barette, jumperskirt: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Emily Temple Cute
Beret: Offbrand

Trick or treat?! We ended the night by sipping iced tea (yes, it was an awfully hot October day in Australia) and watching our current television series obsession - Grimm. Hope you had an eventful Halloween!


  1. How lovely!
    I wish I could have shared this Halloween table with you two :)

    1. Ahh we'll surely invite you to share another teaparty! (but first you must visit us in Australia) XDD