Thursday, 8 January 2015

Wardrobe Post 2015

Oh yes, it's that time of year again! I was very excited to re-take photos and document my lolita and otome collection for 2015 because every time I do, I just love marvelling at the detail, the quality and prints. Sometimes it makes it harder to let go when sellling, but I think appreciating the beauty is what makes me love lolita fashion.

This year, I've arranged my wardrobe post according to colour, but as you'll see it's so brown and ivory heavy thanks to the chocolate and sweets influence. My otome pieces are much more bright and colourful though. (Warning: extremely picture heavy, proceed with caution!)

Emily Temple Cute - Chocolate and Ribbon sleeveless onepiece (pink) (currently selling here)
Emily Temple Cute - Chocolatier Rabbits sleeveless onepiece (pink)
Angelic Pretty - Fancy Paper Doll high waist jumperskirt (lavender)
Emily Temple Cute - Doughnuts and Cutlery onepiece (saxe)
Emily Temple Cute - Wrapping Macaron sleeveless onepiece (blue)
Angelic Pretty - Magical Etoile high waist jumperskirt (navy)
Angelic Pretty - Cosmic Print sailor collar jumperskirt (navy)
Angelic Pretty - French Doll onepiece (navy)
Metamorphose - Candy Star Rabbit onepiece (navy) (currently selling here)
Jane Marple - Regimental Stripe skirt (navy)
Angelic Pretty - Toy March jumperskirt (green)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - My Little Red Riding Hood ribbon jumperskirt (red)
Angelic Pretty - Loyal Rosette jumperskirt (red)
Emily Temple Cute - Chocolate and Ribbon sleeveless onepiece (brown)
Angelic Pretty - Chess Chocolate bustier jumperskirt (brown)
Angelic Pretty - Royal Chocolate 2nd release jumperskirt (brown)
Angelic Pretty - Melty Royal Chocolate low waist jumperskirt (brown)
Angelic Pretty - Melty Ribbon Chocolate jumperskirt (brown)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Chocolate Fairytale Fascinate chocolierre jumperskirt (brown)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - L'Oiseau Bleu skirt (brown) (currently selling here)
Emily Temple Cute - Macaron Print onepiece (brown)
Jane Marple - Disney 110th Anniversary Snow White onepiece (black)
Juliette et Justine - Cadre du Chat jumperskirt (size 1) (SOLD)
Emily Temple Cute - Biscuit and Cutlery onepiece (ivory)
Jane Marple - Alice in Wonderland 2013 jumperskirt (ivory)
Angelic Pretty - Honey Cake special set jumperskirt (ivory)
Angelic Pretty - Musee du Chocolat jumperskirt (ivory)
Angelic Pretty - Royal Creamy Chocolate salopette (ivory)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Alice's Secret Key ribbon jumperskirt (ivory)
Angelic Pretty - Drained Cherry skirt (ivory)
Angelic Pretty - Petit Patisserie mini skirt (ivory) (currently selling here)
Metamorphose - Surprise Party skirt (cream)
Phew! That's almost it. I'm waiting on two more parcels containing AP Victorian Tassel and Leur Getter's Icecream Print. Then I suppose I better get onto photographing my blouses, cardigans, socks, bags and accessories. It's been my absolute pleasure showing you my wardrobe and please share your wardrobe posts with me too. I'm looking forward to it!


  1. Your pictures are so cute and clean ! (ॢ˘⌣˘ ॢ⑅)
    And could you possible have more brown Royal Chocolate ? (I guess so actually.) So lovely !

    1. Marie! There is no such thing as too much chocolate. Hasn't Mila taught you anything XDD Thank you kindly, sweet face! <3

  2. Oh my, your wardrobe is really pretty!

  3. You have my dream dress, that Snow White OP! ❤❤ Everything looks amazing, love your choco collection!

    1. Ah Josine! I hope you can find it too someday so we can twinnnnnn :D

  4. I really have a soft spot for your Snow White OP as well as your Chocolatier Bunnies JSK, but all your wardrobe is gorgeous. Now I want to see all your other items!

    1. Thank youuu! Ah, I've been too lazy to photograph everything else. But you have given me some motivation ;P