Friday, 2 January 2015

Wishlist 2015

With the new year comes new aspirations! I actually have quite a number of other items that I really want, but I'm going to try and focus on getting items on this wishlist first! Some items have been here for years, and a few are new. Wish my luck in my eternal search for my dream items!

Angelic Pretty: Royal Chocolate first release jumperskirt (brown)
Angelic Pretty: Petit Patisserie high waist jumperskirt (ivory)
Angelic Pretty: Little Bear's cafe high waist jumperskirt (ivory)
Angelic Pretty: Melty Chocolate re-release onepiece (brown x pink)
Angelic Pretty: Royal Chocolate second release jacket (brown)
Angelic Pretty: Melty Creamy Doughnut skirt (mint)
Angelic Pretty: Little Bear's Cafe Doughnut Border socks (ivory)
Emily Temple Cute: Ballerina Rabbits sleeveless onepiece (grey)
Emily Temple Cute: Chocolate and Rabbits sleeveless onepiece (grey)
Emily Temple Cute: Gentlemen Rabbits sleeveless onepiece (black)
Emily Temple Cute: Spoons sleeveless onepiece (cream)
Jane Marple: 2012 Logo Print mini skirt (blue)
Jane Marple: Coronation Ceremony Key brooch (gold)
Leur Getter: Bambi and Brooch onepiece (navy)
Leur Getter: Picnic Print sleeveless onepiece (blue)
Q-pot: Round Choco Biscuit necklace
Q-pot: Lollipop Choco Rabbit necklace
Q-pot: Caramel Ribbon necklace
Q-pot: Bitter Choco Tooth necklace
Q-pot: Cafe Mocha Biscuit Ice ring
Q-pot: Luxe Chocolat ring
Q-pot: Petit Prize Chocolat ring
Q-pot: Biscuit and Whip ring


  1. The doughnut border socks are up on lolitadesu

    1. OH no! I wish I saw this earlier. Those socks are the cutest. I'll have to check Lolitadesu to see if they're still there. Thank you sooo much for letting me know though <3<3