Saturday, 14 February 2015

Afternoon Teatime

My dear friend Alycia invited me, my sister and another friend for a little afternoon tea gathering at her house. We arrived in the late afternoon (since I was busy with class earlier that day) to a wonderfully set table with her delicious baked goods and some yummy iced teas (the matcha milkshake was divine). A perfect little spread to cool down and enjoy ourselves. She also made these adorable little gifts for us too! We each received a decorated beret (mine was a pink one with a Beauty and the Beast motif) she made. I adore it to bits, but didn't manage to take a photo.

Her green tea chiffon cakes were perhaps the highlight of the day! The softest and lightest chiffon with a bitter tea undertone topped with green tea flavoured cream cheese icing. I think I might have eaten a few too many of these. And her chocolate macarons were really yummy too (especially the sweet chocolate ganache inside)! We chatted and chatted for so long we didn't even see the sun go down. In fact, we didn't leave until it was really dark outside! I just love catching up with my dear friends like this!

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