Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hello Kitty Valentines

My sister and I organised the lolita community Valentine's Day meet again.This year, we reserved a table at the new Hello Kitty cafe for a cute romantic date with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel! I just love the cute cakes and desserts they have, it's really the perfect location for all our meets, I think! Some girls shared this adorable high tea stack (I want to try it too one day) and I couldn't resist photographing the Hello Kitty mousse cakes!

I ordered a Banana and Nuts waffles, but since I don't like bananas I ordered it without the fruit. To my surprise I had some yummy strawberries on the side instead! Served with chocolate icecream, pouring cream and drizzles with honey and chocolate sauce, this was really really yummy! I paired my dessert with a really refreshing Oreo Espresso frappe (topped with corn flakes?) The strong coffee flavour really complemented the chocolate and it was so refreshing on such a hot day!

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