Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Honey Cake

Honestly I didn't really like Honey Cake when it was released, even though my sister loved it. But some times AP prints have a certain force that compels you to change your mind without any reason. Suddenly, I fell in love and needed it in my life but it seemed everyone wanted it too and the price for this beauty when through the roof. So I was lucky when a friend was selling it that she offered it to me first. It's the only colour and cut I like - the Tokyo Special set in ivory.

There are so many colours to work with on this dress and I've seen quite a number of coordinates with red as the main colour. Although I think this print works perfectly with red, I love to try different colours. Like this Honey Cake outfit with a dark green from 2013, I picked the smallest green detail from the dress but I think it worked wonders with bring out the colours in the print.

This time, I opted for another unique colour scheme and chose to coordinate with a blue stripey top for a casual but colourful look. Paired with some bright red tones in the bag and socks really make the outfit bright and happy. I noticed the canned cherries on the print too so I brought out a few cherry accessories to enhance the little detail. Ah, now I am craving pancakes, so I might just go make some!

Jumperskirt, headbow: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes, socks, accessories: Offbrand