Monday, 16 March 2015

January - February Haul

I know, I know! Why am I doing a Jan-Feb shopping haul post in mid-March? Well, I'm always too lazy to photograph my buys. Another (and perhaps a better) reason is because I usually only ship items from my SS once a month and just let it gather dust in their warehouse until then. So, forgive me for my lateness!

I received my AP Victorian Tassel JSK in January! It seemed this beautiful velveteen dress was poorly received in December when it was released, but I LOVE it. In hindsight, it probably wasn't worth the 35,424 yen price tag since it was reduced by 50% almost a month later. But I regret (almost) nothing! It's something outside my usual style since it's much sweeter and princess-style but TASSELSSSS! I can't wait to work together an elegant and royal outfit fit for a queen!

Next is a dream dress item! I ticked this off my list only one month into the new year! This is Emily Temple Cute's lovely Chocolate and Rabbits print. The grey colour is muted but gorgeous. It really adds to the minimalist design of the repeating cupcakes and rabbits. Now, another 10 dresses to find!

I also received my first dress from Leur Getter. It's an older design called Ice Candy print which I adored in lavender but missed it when they had a sale. I found the onepiece for a bargain but unfortunately the armholes were so tiny! I sold it almost straight away to a sweet friend (who was also watching the auction, but I got to it first) I was so happy to sell it to her after hearing that! But I'm on the prowl for the sleeveless version now.

Taking advantage of the new year sales, I picked up some amazing bargains at Fi.n.t. I'd been eyeing the dreamy moon and star cardigan since it was released but refused to pay retail for it. Sadly, the lavender sold out at the start. But luckily it was restocked, and over half price so I picked up the ivory colour and another cute rope detailed lavender one for back up. I'm ready for autumn/winter!

Here's proof that patience really pays off! This perfect biscuit necklace from Q-pot was listed for 12,800 yen for weeks and I was so close to buying it at that price. Until once day, a quick refresh of the page, the seller had dropped the price! So it had to be mine, and indeed we're united! My sister Kairii and dear friend Brooke also managed to find the same biscuit necklace around the same time! So we're going to be the biscuit crew!!

Lastly, speaking of Brooke, she brought me an amazing gift from her travels to Japan. Some lovely Imai Kira postcards and the special lolita artbook 'Panier'! I couldn't thank her enough! I also managed to win 4 Angelic Pretty postcards illustrated by the talented Imai Kira too. I love them all so, so much!

I'm trying to cut back on my spending, so I think this is a pretty good (small) 2 month haul. 

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