Saturday, 21 March 2015

Royal Chocolate

I think this dress is the oldest dress that I still haven't yet worn. Royal Chocolate from Angelic Pretty's second release. This beautiful thick jacquard chocolate print, masterpiece of a release! It was a dream dress I managed to buy straight from their old international webshop. But it's a size L which is too big for me. I keep hoping to trade it for an M size but no luck yet.

I put together a very delicious and chocolate-y outfit with this dream dress of mine. And strangely it turned out to be a completely head to (almost) toe Angelic Pretty coordinate! Yes, the shoes are the only exception.

There are elements from other AP chocolate series, like Musee du Chocolat and Royal Cream Chocolate from more recent years. I decided that with a single coloured dress like this, some detail in the accessories would be lovely so detailed tights, beret and bag would add more texture to the coordinate. And hints of gold - makes everything look so royal and elegant!

Everything: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Baroque

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