Tuesday, 7 April 2015

March Shopping Haul

What did I buy last month? How I'm excited to share with you! Other than makeup and skincare which makes the bulk of this post, I found one of my dream prints! Jane Marple's Logo print from the Spring/Summer collection of 2012.

My favourite colourway is the navy, which was up for auction at the same time as the mint skirt. But as always, the day I went to make my bid, it had sold! In an angry flurry I bought the mint skirt and a few days later the pink jumperskirt. Lucky they were cheap though!

On the topic of things I've wanted for a while now, I managed to pick up some new leather brogues for winter. They are my everyday shoes of choice for comfort and style! I bought these from asos.com and though it was definitely a lighter tan colour in the stock photos, I am still pretty pleased with these lovelies. They are, in every light, a dark tan (almost milk chocolate colour)! A shopping trip to the outlet shops resulted in the purchase of these two gorgeous hair accessories from Australian designer brand Mimco. Their vintage feel is so romantic and girly, I think they'll work nicely into lolita or otome style coordinates too!

This month, I've been obsessing over makeup thanks to a 40% off sale at Priceline (local drugstore/pharmacy) and a 30% off sale at Target. Check out my entire beauty haul! I love my new eyelash case and chocolate pill case, though I use the latter for small accessories. And lastly, I'm going to smell so deliciously of candied vanilla almonds with my new MOR body butter, yum!

I nabbed these limited edition 'Give me chocolate' collection eye palettes from Etude House. I didn't even care for the colours or swatches. Honestly the reason was because it's CHOCOLATE! You can't deny me my guilty pleasures, hahaha! I've also been dying to try new vibrant lip colours. And my finish of choice is quite obviously, matte!! I hate shiny lipglosses, and the matte look is so cool and stylish. I picked up some darker vampish colours, as well as some lovely bright pinky reds.

That's everything from March! So many good finds from the sales, I think I saved quite a bit even though I bought a lot. And I'm so looking forward to wearing my new Jane Marple print~


  1. Some Jane Marple never hurts!
    It's my dream to, at least, get one :)
    So many beautiful collections ~

    1. Haha! Yes, that's what I thought too, JM never hurts! XD
      Oh really?? I hope you find it too, then we can cross-continental twin! Which colour do you like best? :D