Friday, 24 April 2015

Outfits under $200

After seeing this new tumblr pop up and discussing it with my local community I thought it would be a great challenge to create some lolita coordinates that costed me under $200AUD. I admit it was harder than I thought but I managed to use some lovely pieces that I bought for amazingly cheap prices. And yes! I still used branded main pieces! Just goes to show that scouring secondhand sites and auction sites really pay off. Just a note, all my prices do NOT include shipping (since mostly I share shipping costs with my sister and we only ship about once a month so it's hard to determine exactly how much I spent on shipping) and they are what I paid for, not what they would sell for on the current market.

First up is a Fancy Paper Doll outfit, and it's perhaps the best bargain buy I've made in lolita. Considering the original price of this popular, sweet, pastel print, I found it on Mbok Auctions with a BIN of 10,000yen for the set. I wouldn't believe me either, but it's true! And surprisingly, it was in tip-top condition. All up, this coordinate costed me $198AUD. 

Jumperskirt, headbow: Angelic Pretty ($120)
Blouse: Amavel ($35)
Cardigan: Zara ($25)
Tights: Ebay ($2)
Shoes: Taobao ($16)

Next up is another AP main piece. I paired this super cute Drained Cherry skirt with a secondhand cherry cardigan. I made the right decision to wait until I found this gem secondhand instead of buying it for retail. This was only 9,800yen on TokyoAlice about a month or so after release. In total, I spent $200AUD on this casual, rockabilly inspired coordinate.

Skirt: Angelic Pretty ($115)
Blouse: Dotti ($15)
Cardigan: Black friday ($18)
Socks: Big W ($10 for 5 pack, equates to $2)
Shoes: Zara ($49)
Cherry clip: Taobao ($1)
Ribbon clip: Handmade

Lastly, a recent purchase of mine is this Jane Marple Logo skirt from S/S2012. This was found on Yahoo Auctions with a BIN of 11,600yen. I was upset I missed the navy skirt for less, and ended up with this gorgeous mint one. I'm not complaining since it was still a bargain and the skirt is in immaculate condition given the age.  Totalling $198AUD, this outfit is toned down and lovely for Spring!

Skirt: Jane Marple ($125)
Blouse: Dotti ($16)
Cardigan: Zipia ($10)
Socks: Cotton On ($2)
Shoes: Zipia ($45)
Flower crown: Handmade

What do you think of my outfits? Which do you like best? I think I was rather successful staying under budget and with some popular branded items too! Here are my 3 tips on keeping lolita cute and cheap:
1. Shop locally in fast fashion shops during sale time, or at vintage/secondhand shops for bargain blouses, cardigans and socks/tights.
2. Hand making a few accessories to match your wardrobe is great fun, adds an extra detail to a coordinate and means you'll have one of a kind, unique details!
3. Be patient and scour the web for cheap printed brand. It might not have often, but I assure you, you will find some amazing things for unbelievable prices.

I hope you can now appreciate that lolita fashion isn't all that expensive. With the right shopping skills, you can look cute, wear brand and no break the bank! Now it's over to you to create a coordinate for under $200!


  1. I love all the outfits ! ♥
    I can't decide which one I like more !

    1. Ah thank you so much dear!! I'm so happy you liked them <3