Monday, 22 June 2015

A casual catch up

I decided to wear my newest dress for a catch up lunch date with a few friends. Even though it's the middle of winter, I really wanted to wear this and luckily I knew we'd be inside somewhere warm so it wasn't too bad! The dress is one of the oldest prints from the brand Leur Getter and I managed to find it really cheap. Plus it arrived within a week of purchasing it so I was so happy with it!

We enjoyed a few hours chatting and eating (and photographing) at the Hello Kitty Cafe before taking a peek at the 'Kawaii' shop for Japanese makeup and cheap little useless things from their $2.80 side. I didn't spend much at all except on a funny little night cap which we all bought one of and shared our ridiculous photos later that night! 

Dress: Leur Getter
Blouse: Emily Temple Cute
Bag: Cath Kidston
Beret: Qpot
Everything else: Offbrand

This is fast becoming my favourite dish at the Hello Kitty Cafe! Chocolate waffles with nuts and sauce with chocolate custard and chocolate mousse and icecream with a healthy serve of fruit on the side for a balanced diet. I tried an ice coffee on the side too which was a good bitter contrast to the sweet on my plate. How cute is the little pink bow sitting on the floating icecream? 


  1. That meal looks so cute and delicious! I love your outfit too.

    1. Thank you! Yes it was so delicious! Cute is just a bonus <3