Wednesday, 3 June 2015

April & May Shopping Haul

I have to admit I've been so very very good with my spending these past couple of months! I didn't buy a single new lolita/otome dress and did a great job avoiding the secondhand sales communities! Well done to me and my pocket! I did buy a few things but they were mainly to celebrate my graduation in April and my birthday in May. 

Firstly, I received the one and only lolita item in this shopping haul - Angelic Pretty's University series beret. I really adored the OP but at the last minute decided against buying it since it was rather plain and I think I much prefer a regimental print from JM. But I did buy the beret on a whim, and now I have no idea what to do with it, hmm. 

For my little graduation gift (to myself) I bought this adorable little iced pretzel from Marc by Marc Jacobs! When I first saw it, I didn't buy it but I went home with major regret so I went back a few days later. It was still there so I said to myself: "this must be fate, I'm going to have to buy it!" I also bought three Tokimeki animal necklaces for myself as a belated birthday present from Chiffon Rose.
I wrote a little review about my shopping experience here.

Some other little gifts I bought for myself were these amazing lip colours from NYX and Revlon. Target had a great 30% off sale, and the local chemist had 50% off Revlon so naturally I couldn't resist adding a few more colours to my collection.  The Revlon ones are from the Ultra HD collection, and I got Hydrangea and Tulip. I love the romantic floral names given to the series! From NYX I bought these lip butters (left to right): Hunk, Sweet Tart, Little Susie, Fizzies (from March haul) and Juju. Both products have a wonderful creamy texture without being overly shiny. And the pigment of both products is lovely!

Last but not least, my sister and I finished our Wedgwood "Butterfly" teacup collection which came with a free tea strainer from the same series. It was a super amazing promotion since the strainer itself costs $89.95RRP! Since we both don't love Wedgwood's teapot shapes we're giving that a miss. Next collection I'm after is definitely the "Daisy" collection! I also restocked my Wedgwood Earl Grey tea since it was on sale.

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