Sunday, 7 June 2015

International Lolita Day 2015 (Winter)

Happy International Lolita dayyy! I organised a little afternooon tea for the community at a lovely little patisserie hidden in the city. And to add a little fun competition, we had a small lolita contest for best dressed. Everyone got to vote and it was really close! It was actually the first time in about 2 months since I wore lolita out so I was rather excited to see my lovely friends again. We had to take a dress shot of all the gorgeous AP prints! 

The patisserie is called Astonish and though they serve both savoury and sweet almost everyone opted for the sweet, me and my sister included! We hadn't tried this place before and although it was a little dark, the interior was decorated like a warm sitting room with walls covered in books! It was a very sweet little place. I ordered a chocolate and hazelnut cake with an iced matcha latte while my sister ordered a lemon meringue crepe layer cake and iced chocolate. I really loved both my drink and cake. The downside was that they were rather tardy bringing the food out to us, and they didn't do split bills which meant we spent about 20 minutes trying to sort out payment from 18 people!! What a hassle. Other than that I really enjoyed it~

As usual, my sister and I decided to twin! I think almost everyone in the community expects twinning from us now, haha! But it's super fun twinning, especially with my sister! We can plan our outfits together really easily and when we buy things online, we can save on shipping by buying two of each! This time, we left it to the last minute but we still managed to pull a cute lavender chocolate coordinate together with AP's Musee du Chocolat. So much matching!!

Jumperskirt, headbow, tights, bag, ribbon: Angelic pretty
Blouse: Dangerfield
Shoes: Baroque Korea
Necklace: Qpot

We spent a lot of time afterwards chatting and taking photos! I grabbed a few selfies but they turned out to be super blurry, except this one with cutie Lauren. She looked gorgeous in a princess-y shiro outfit with so much chiffon and organzaaa! 

How did you and your community celebrate ILD this year? 

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