Friday, 5 June 2015

Red runs faster

In February this year, I had a giant altercation with this dress by Emily Temple Cute. I decided to freshen it up by giving it a quick wash. I hung it out to dry in the shade (since our Summer is super super hot). When I returned to check if it was dry, I almost had a heart attack (sort of). The red dye from the tricolour ribbons decided to run and bleed! The red parts had a pink 'glow' as the dye leaked into the surrounding white fabric. (Red dye definitely runs faster than all the other colours. I won't change my mind about that!) I didn't take any photos at the time since I was too upset, but the bleeding was so bad, I almost thought about throwing the dress away. I thought I ruined a $300 dress and I was so, so mad at myself for not taking it to the dry cleaners in the first place. But as you can see, I managed to salvage the dress and now you couldn't even tell what had happened.

How did I manage to fix my big, red problem? I spent the next 15 minutes freaking out and Google searching every and any way to fix it just to find that I needed this product or that product. Since I couldn't get to the shops, I just couldn't think what to do! So I thought to myself: 'you can't ruin it anymore, just try washing it out with water and soap'. I filled a tub of cold water, which in Summer is harder to do than you think (hot water comes out from both faucets unless you let the water run for long enough) and using a mild washing detergent washed the dress by hand. The water was still turning red, so I had to constantly change the water until I noticed the red colour stopped running.

The dress was still stained with pink though. I used some more detergent (and some sweat and tears) and scrubbed the spots on the dress until the pink was no longer visible. Yes, I literally scrubbed every damn ribbon on the dress! But it worked and I was immensely happy with the result. I let it dry again (which didn't take long) and voila! Disaster averted! If you look really really hard though there's still a very faint pink around a few of the ribbons but overall, I doubt you could tell what happened (unless you read this or heard me talk about it).

Has anything similar happened to you? How did you fix it? I'd love to know!

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