Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Welcome to my bedroom

I've been seeing quite a bit about lolita room decorations and thought of sharing my bedroom on my blog! It's not directly inspired by lolita, but I love sweet, romantic and cute home decor so I think it matches a lolita life really well. I'll let you be the judge of that though! I also have some photos of how I organise my things which is something I love doing. Yes, I love being neat!

I share a bedroom with my lovely sister Kairii and we decorated it together to match perfectly but today I will only show my half of the room. Firstly I had to show off this romantic flower and tassel garland my sister made to hang above my bed! (She has an identical one above hers) I adore it so, so much especially with the fairy lights she strung along them recently!

Hello comfy bed! My favourite place in the whole wide world! At the end sits my wardrobe and the mannequin I share with my sister (aptly named Mannie) who is rather naked at the moment (excuse her!)

Hoho! The interesting part! My wardrobe organisation. I hang all my dresses and blouses, fold cardigans and cutsews. Underneath this are boxes of socks (which I have A LOT of). I stick free postcards on the left and string instax photos on the right (unpictured).

My sister and I share a Kallax shelf where we keep accessories! I keep my lolita headbows and berets in two cute pink striped boxes (thank you Ikea for the shelf and boxes). And in these adorable 'books' you'll find my collection of brooches, necklaces and other jewellery. They look gorgeous on the shelf but they're useful storage which ticks all the boxes, in my opinion! I put all my jewellery and brooches into individual little zip lock bags so they don't get tangled or cluttered and are so, so easy to see and find. 

My makeup is stored in these three super smiley containers from the $2.80 shop (essentially a Daiso) and just in front (on my little dresser table) are my daily perfumes (Daisy by Marc Jacobs and L'eau de Chloe by Chloe) on an Ikea doily plate. You can see just how big my lip product collection is getting too...

And lastly, as a centre piece in our room, we have some framed butterflies and fake dandelions in a milk jar vase on a table (from Ikea). Sometimes we like to sit in our room drinking tea and just chatting or sitting on our beds and blogging! (Take note of Kairii's favourite Hampen rug which she was obsessed with until we bought it) 

Yes, you might have noticed also how much we LOVE Ikea! We might as well be a feature room at their showroom with the amount of Ikea furniture we have, haha!! I hope you enjoyed my little tour in photos, let me know what you think of it too~!


  1. I have the same duvet as you ^_~

    { }

    1. OH SNAPPP! Haha, it's so simple and cute, right! I love everything at Ikea <3<3

  2. Your room is super adorable, and your wardrobe is so wonderfully colourful!

    1. Thank youu! Haha, my wardrobe is all over the place! I just can't seem to stick to one theme! XD