Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Coordinate colours (part 1)

I'm not an expert at coordinating colours but I have noticed that a number of people have complimented my choice of colours in outfits so today I wanted to share my insight on how I coordinate different colours in lolita fashion.

I want to share my thoughts on coordinating complementary colours! That is, using the main colour of your dress or skirt and pairing it with one other colour that complements the first. For this method, you can either choose colours in the print or choose some other colour that you think match nicely. A really good way is thinking about what other colours the print came in. So for instance, Magical Etoile from Angelic Pretty came in pink, sax, red and black (then an additional mint and navy from the second release). Matching navy with red would be a cute, simple mix. Or pink and sax, pink and mint, black and pink, etc.

Jumperskirt: Angelic Pretty, Top: Target, Everything else: Offbrand
For my first example, I picked pink to be my complementary colour to the navy colourway of Angelic Pretty's Magical Etoile. I like to try using colours that are a little quirkier. So in this casual style lolita coordinate, I picked a peachy pink instead of the generic powder pink colour. By chance, the top matches the lace topped ankle socks almost identically. I tied the navy with the peach pink together with a cute gingham check wire headbow.

Jumperskirt: Angelic Pretty, Blouse: Amavel, Cardigan: Fi.n.t, Socks: Emily Temple cute
In this second coordinate, I chose a colour that's neither in the print nor another colourway of this print. If you have read my previous posts, you'll know just how much I love the navy and lavender mix.  This is just something purely from my mind and what I think matches nicely. 

If you're not sure what colours look nice together, try using a colour wheel. The theory behind this is that colours that are: 1) directly opposite, 2) form a triangle or 3) directly next to each other will match. This is just a really simple way to make a cute coordinate that's not too complicated but still really aesthetically pleasing. What do you think? How do you like to coordinate colours?