Sunday, 5 July 2015

June Shopping Haul

My bank account has been very busy this month! I sold off 5 beloved dresses and replaced them with 5 new dresses! I was supposed to be destashing my wardrobe and saving up some money but suddenly so many of my dream dresses were available for sale that I spent every dollar I made from selling the dresses I don't wear anymore on new dream items! Saving money is definitely not my strong point.

I lusted after this Emily Temple cute print for so, so long. I loved the cream colourway first and foremost but after much internal debate (that I'd never find it in ivory and the black was easier to coordinate) I snapped up the one that had been mocking me from the Closetchild website for weeks. Just after I made my order I saw the same print in ivory pop up on auction, but thankfully it was the less flattering onepiece cut. This is a gorgeous print and honestly I'm glad I bought the black one since my wardrobe is already full of so much cream!

The lavender organdy stripe dress was actually the first piece I fell in love with from Leur Getter. When I missed it on sale, I thought I would never, ever see this again. But I did, and it was such a good bargain! I added the Leur Getter Packaging print into my cart as well without a second thought. The colour scheme on this print was so sweet I couldn't resist and the fabric is super light that I'm going to be super set for Summer this year!

Shopping locally, I'd been keeping my eyes on Dangerfield for these adorable polka dot peter pan collar blouses in these gorgeous colours. I wasn't prepared to pay full price for them, but a 'buy 2 get one free' sale wasn't something I would pass up. I grabbed a few other bargains on the way.

I also picked up this cute peachy pink top and shorts set on sale at Target. I really love the little bow details and I'm thinking of a number of ways to wear this separately when Summer comes.

Just when I thought that was all for the month, a sweet friend of mine offered for sale one of my ultimate dreamiest dream dresses - Emily Temple cute's Ballerina Rabbit print in grey! I am super elated from crossing this off my wishlist, even though I'm waiting until August to receive it when I visit her in Sydney. At the same time, she offered her ETC Spoon print in grey too which was another item sitting on my wishlist since its release. (Actually, I'll be swapping the grey colourway for my sister's cream one since she loves the grey more, and I, the cream!) So bye-bye interest for this month and hello to 2 super rare, super amazing ETC prints! I just cannot wait to receive my dream items, and feel so, so blessed to have such lovely and kind friends!

As they say, the best things in life are free and although this month I wouldn't agree ( because getting ultimate dream dresses is better), I do love a good freebie! A local member of the community was doing a destash and was giving away these new in pack Dollywink mascara and eye shadow palette. I gratefully accepted her offer in return for zero dollars and went home with new makeup!

What's the latest thing you've bought?


  1. I was thinking about getting the first ETC print in the OP since it came up on a few of the second hand sites but empire waist isn't gonna be good on me, I think. Haven't bought any lolita in ages, I'm trying to hold out until I get back to Japan so that I can avoid paying shipping ^_^

    { }

    1. Ah yes yes, I think I saw them on auction too. But I don't like the OP style as much so I spent more on the NOP :DD Hope you have fun in Japan (and buy all the things!!)