Monday, 20 July 2015

Moripop x Avcon Maid's Cafe garden tea party

On the Sunday of Avcon, I organised a lolita tea party held in the Maid's Cafe section of the convention. Held right after the lolita parade, a group of 25 girls enjoyed a sit down to chat about all the amazing outfits at the parade, meet some gorgeous interstate girls and be entertained by some very cute maids (and butler) who served us all cake and tea!  I was most annoyed at myself for forgetting to bring the camera and take official photos but I hope you can see what I mean with these camera photos.

This year I was able to work closer with the Maid's Cafe organisers and we put together a really romantic garden theme, complete with this handmade arbor wrapped in leafy vines. There were boxxed tulips with mushrooms growing in them around a special grassy area where we sat. And fairylights! I loved the hanging jars filled with twinkling lights! It really created a gorgeous, ethereal atmosphere for tea and celebrations.

I designed the decorations for the table, which was, to my surprise, set up by the lovely maids and ready for us when we arrived at 2pm. Floral cake stands and jars of fake flowers lined the table with a little present awaiting our guests. While we ate, we were entertained by a dance routine by the volunteering maids. Each guest then got to write 2 little letters to thank, congratulate, and compliment each other. We even drew a little raffle with two winners, both coincidentally called Sarah! I'm sure they were both really happy (and my theory is Sarah must be a lucky/common name).

I had been rather busy in the week preceding organising the tea party and helping with the secondhand lolita shop Dapper Doe that I forgot to coordinate an outfit for the tea party. I whipped this up last minute with my Angelic Pretty Victorian Tassel. I really loved how the glitter twinkles in the light. It's such a gorgeous print! Oh and how amazing is this sparkling backdrop! I ended up taking a lot of (blurry) selfies with friends here.

Jumperskirt, blouse: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: Zara
Shoes: Baroque
Brooch, floral wreath: Handmade
Everything else: Offbrand

And my weekend spoils! I printed an extra postcard for the tea party but ended up keeping it as a memento along with the little letters I received from darling friends! I didn't spend a lot, but every dollar I did spend was at the Dapper Doe booth. I wanted to support my dear friend's business and bought these cute accessories and socks to match my wardrobe. There were so many dresses I had my eye on but I've already overspent this month!! I'll save up to get that organza princess jellyfish one though!

I had a really wonderful time at Avcon this year and really really loved meeting the interstate girls who travelled to join us. I really hope we can meet again soon and I'm so happy to have made friends around Australia,

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