Sunday, 5 July 2015

Updated wishlist

One of my goals for this year was to collect my dream dresses rather than spending my money on things that were 'cheap' or 'popular' at the time. I find when I buy things on a whim, I'm less likely to treasure them. So I've very happy to say that I have found 4 items on my wishlist so far! They're all from Emily Temple Cute as I find myself browsing the ETC tag more often than AP lately. I purchased the Chocolate Rabbit print in grey and the Chocolate Logo print in black from Closetchild, and the Ballerina Rabbit and Spoon print are from a dear friend in Sydney and my lovely as always sister.

And with four dresses ticked off the list, here are four more to replace them on my wishlist! I tried my hardest not to have so many dream items, but in my defense I did remove a few that I felt I wouldn't cherish as much even if I found them. So when I recover from buying so much last month, these are the four items I hope to find:

Emily Temple cute's Baguette Stripe NOP in blue only
Emily Temple cute's Gentleman Rabbit NOP in ivory only
Leur Getter's Jewellery print NOP in yellow/ivory
Leur Getter's Picnic print NOP in blue/grey

What's on your wishlist at the moment?


  1. Replies
    1. Ahh they're just so pretty right? I hope I can find them all for a good price though >:)