Saturday, 22 August 2015

Coordinating Colours (Part 3)

Sometimes when I'm coordinating my outfit colours, I'll be inspired by something outside the lolita sphere. Looking at haute couture runway pieces and fashion shoots, and interior decor are my two all time favourite sources of inspiration for colour and coordinating. I adore the innovation and the creativity in these two fields and want to translate it into something I can wear in lolita as well. You can be inspired by almost anything: art, nature, seasons, animals, characters (from books, cartoons, movies), food, etc. Literally anything! If you feel yourself drawn to a certain colour palette, it's likely to be an aesthetic combination. Just look around you, or at things you're interested in to find it; it's really easy!

I want to share with you three colour combinations that I'm obsessed with at the moment and what inspired or attracted me to them. Once you pinpoint your inspiration, you can translate it into an outfit by looking into your wardrobe (or taking a shopping spree)!

Dress: Jane Marple, Beret: Angelic Pretty, Blouse: Vintage, Everything else: Offbrand
Pink x grey
The sweet and romantic aesthetic of pink coordinated with the lovely muted grey make a gorgeous , feminine mix. I've been looking to put together a Disneybound outfit inspired by Dumbo (my all time favourite Disney animal character) so this mix has been in my head ever since. I also watched the documentary 'Dior et moi' which referenced Dior's pretty grey and pink childhood home and this just cemented the colour scheme in my head. I've been most obsessed with it at the moment.

Dress: Leur Getter, Necklace: Qpot, Lavender brooch: Handmade, Everything else: Offbrand
Mustard x lavender
Inspired by a recipe I found for lavender mustard, I thought to myself: "if they taste great together, what's stopping the colours looking great together?" Answer: nothing! I love this mix of warm jewel tones with light pastels. I handcrafted a little faux lavender bouquet for the outfit for an added touch of nature. I'm definitely going to try making the lavender mustard too because I absolutely love mustard (the colour and sauce)!

Dress, necklace: Emily Temple Cute, Blouse: Dangerfield, Beret: Swimmer, Socks: Offbrand
Mint x navy
This last colour scheme came from a photo of room decor that I found. I thought the colours were so cool and calming that I wanted to translate it into an outfit. The navy tones down the sweetness of mint and mixed in an outfit gives a unique and chic look. (The colours also remind me of a nighttime picnic with the navy sky as a backdrop, with fun jazz playing and a table lit with fairylights. A really magical evening with close friends!)

So I really hope this inspires you to try out different colour schemes! This method of colour coordinating takes a lot more intuition and gut feeling. But the best part is that you can really experiment and play with colours that you like or find appealing. It also is a really great way of self expression and makes you think outside the box (of lolita). Let me know what you think of my coordinates and I hope you give this idea a try!


  1. I'm so in love with those outfits, specially the last one since I've been hardcore into navy for a while now! You actually got me into mustard, I've seen you pairing it with navy and brown and it looked amazing so it does with lavender, the little bouquet is such a nice touch

  2. Oh really? I'm so flattered!! I hope to spread the love for mustard more and more. Thank you for the comment, it's so nice to hear you like my outfits. I love putting them together~ <3<3