Monday, 31 August 2015

How to Plan an Otome Holiday

Earlier this month I went on a short weekend trip with my sister to Sydney! It was the first time we'd travelled together just the two of us, and the first time visiting the popular and busy city on the Eastern coast. We'd both decided it would be an otome style weekend and spent the day before our flight putting together some coordinates to wear. I decided to document it and share some tips on how I managed to fit 4 otome outfits into my carry on bag! I guess it's not a huge feat since these dresses are so light and fold hilariously into the tiniest little parcels. But here goes anyway!

I picked out 4 different dresses that I wanted to wear for each day in Sydney: Chocolate Logo, Macaron Print, Patisserie Print and the Spoon Print all from Emily Temple Cute. I lay them on my bed and got coordinating!

It can start to look a little messy at first. Put dresses that you can coordinate similar colour schemes next to each other so you can easily share cardigans, leggings or accessories between the outfits. Although at first I wanted to bring some accessories, I ended up leaving them at home for fear of losing them. Now you can see everything you're going to wear and bring for your holiday!

L: Dress, cutsew top: Emily Temple Cute, Barette: Angelic Pretty, Leggings Target, Socks: Japan, Cardigan: Offbrand
R: Dress: Emily Temple Cute, Headband, socks: Offbrand, Brooch: Handmade
L: Dress: Emily Temple Cute, Blouse: Amavel, Beret: Angelic Pretty, Necklace: Qpot, Socks: Dangerfield.
 R: Dress: Emily Temple Cute, Top: ASOS, Socks: Dangerfield, Headband, cardigan: Offbrand.
Start to fold everything neatly and while you do, double check that the outfit matches by putting them together like this. You can definitely see clearly how accessories and cardigans are being repeated. It'll save you room in your bag that you didn't even know you have. But your outfits will still look unique and different everyday!

For my shoes, bag and jacket, I brought one of each along that would match all the outfits. Make sure the ones you choose are comfortable for extended periods of walking and standing. Not to mention, you must make sure they're weather proof for wherever and whenever you're going! For me, these leather brogues tick all the boxes! My gold Milk heart bag was big enough and cute enough for everything I needed. And my jacket of choice was a big dusty red one with a removable fluffy lining and very importantly, pockets! Since ETC's dresses don't have any, a jacket with pockets is so convenient! I realised Sydney is so much less cold than I imagined so most days I didn't even need the jacket. (I definitely prefer chilly Adelaide weather!)

Roll everything up into teeny tiny parcels and neatly put them in your bag/suitcase! Look how easily they fit into this overnight bag from Country Road! I fit a towel, pyjamas, toiletries and a hair straightner all in here. And it all weighed just under 7kg (including my Milk heart bag)! Easy and light travelling~ 

In brief, here are some notes that I tried to use (yes, I notice I failed no.5) and that I hope might help you when deciding what to wear on your otome or lolita holiday!
1. Bring only one set of shoes, bag and jacket to match all your outfits.
2. Repeat tops, cardigans and hair accessories if you can. Or opt for a onepiece for simpler days.
3. Bring socks for each day (because smelly/sweaty feet).
4. Berets and hats can hide second day hair (if you can't/don't wash your hair daily).
5. Avoid light colours or delicate fabrics if you're afraid of damage.
6. Style your natural hair, and wear less/comfortable makeup.
7. Consider the weather/climate before deciding what to wear.
8. Remember comfort above all else (long days, walking, eating, shopping, etc)


  1. You are SO good at packing! Everything is so neat and organized. woah! <3
    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

    1. Thank youuu! I'm just the type of person who likes to know where everything is XD