Sunday, 2 August 2015

July Shopping Haul

I received three amazing new otome style dresses in the mail this month! Starting with Leur Getter's Ice Candy print. I seriously had this opened in a tab since I sold my onepiece off in January. But recently it dropped down to the same price I bought the OP for, so I snapped it up. I am really looking forward to wearing this when the weather starts to heat up. I'll stay cool dressing myself in ice candies!

My next buy is this Emily Temple cute Favourite print. When my sister received this dress last year I was smitten! It wasn't really on my wishlist since I had other dresses I wanted more. Or so I thought! When I saw this on auction, I was reminded how much I wanted this dress and how much I wanted to twin with my sister. So now we both own one! We always joke around with the Japanese pronunciation of the print name (fay-bou-ri-to) and have now we always call it the 'fay-burrito' dress! Yes, to the cute airmail and rabbits; yes to burritos.

My last main item for the month is Emily Temple cute's Patisserie print. It's a really popular print and I've seen it sell secondhand all the time for really decent prices. But my eyes were only ever on the mint colourway. I wasn't prepared to fork out 18,000yen which seemed to be the going rate, but then my sister saw it on Closetchild for less so she helped me buy it! I purchased the matching necklace from Dapper Doe a few days after the order in anticipation of the dress arrival. The little cakes are really cute and remind me of the cakes lined up behind the window of Parisian patisseries!

Also from Dapper Doe were these little accessories: a tiny Jane Marple crown necklace that I adore wearing all the time, a Baby the Stars Shine Bright cookie ring (only because the price was so good) and these really cute chocolate crew socks! I didn't need any convincing to buy the socks, one look and I knew I needed them.


  1. Patisserie is beautiful <3, I love the dessert theme, I've been eyeing the pink OP up for sale on Grand Bazaar for a few weeks now, it's so nice that you got the matching necklace *u*

    1. Ah yes! I've seen that OP there for some time now. It's a really good price too. Otherwise check the yahoo auctions. I remember seeing a few over the weekend too for good bargains! <3