Thursday, 17 September 2015

Fancy Paper Dolls

Just a simple coordinate to show my everlasting love for lavender and navy combination! It's too bad the navy blouse didn't photograph well (or may be it was the lighting or contrast with the pastel lavender.) Ah this shade of lavender is my favourite, so blue and pastelly! I feel like I haven't worn lolita in ages so I was rather happy to play around with my wardrobe.

I really like putting together simply outfits to wear more regularly or casually. For me, lolita doesn't have to be really over the top and frilly and a head full of accessories.More and more lolita is heading towards the extravagant.  I like to embrace the view that it's a fashion so it can be worn daily (even though I personally don't). 

Jumperskirt, headbow: Angelic Pretty
Blouse, socks: Dangerfield
Brooch: Moon Bunny


  1. I always love your casual coordinates ! ♥
    And I agree about the not always OTT lolita style !

    1. Oh thank you! Yes, I find lolita fashion is heading more and more into the OTT direction. What was undeniably lolita 2 years ago is considered 'casual' and OTT is the new norm. I think it's becoming too much of a costume not a fashion. Even though I really appreciate their efforts, it's nice to be simple sometimes <3 Thank you for the comment, dear~