Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Favourite Print

No, I'm not talking about my favourite print (even thought I do adore this print), I'm talking about ETC's Favourite Print. It features the most wonderful and whimsical things: the cutest little poodle and rabbit, rosettes, airmail, cake and ribbons. I wanted to coordinate it with some of my own favourite things:

The Dangerfield blouse I waited and waited to go on sale for and whose colour is perfectly raspberry
The Qpot biscuit beret that is a biscuit and goes with everything
These shoes from Taobao which I just cannot find again (I wish I bought 30 pairs at the time)
This little rosette brooch I made and reminds me of delicious flaky croissants from Paris

Dress: Emily Temple Cute
Blouse, socks: Dangerfield
Beret: Qpot
Bag: Swimmer
Shoes: Taobao
Brooch: Handmade

What are your favourite things in lolita or otome fashion?

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