Monday, 19 October 2015

Spring is Sprung Meet

To farewell the Winter blues and celebrate the coming of warmer weather, I attended a floral themed picnic in the Botanic Gardens. We were all asked to bring a little posy of flowers to exchange with fellow lolitas. Luckily the organiser gave me plenty of time to sort out an outfit. I didn't own any floral prints, so a quick look on the auctions sites led me to the gorgeous Jane Marple Rose Bouquet onepiece that I wore. It came perfectly in time too. I wore it rather simply with a straw hat that I'd modified by adding my own lace ribbon and some brown brogues in case we went for a walk in the Gardens. I didn't get to take a good outfit photo so when I got home, I threw the outfit onto my mannequin for some photos. (I did take a selfie though, and I just love the bright natural lighting through my windows!

Onepiece: Jane Marple
Necklace: Tokimeki
Shoes: ASOS
Hat: Offbrand + handmade
Everything else: Offbrand

For my little posy, I picked some roses from my garden. Since the weather was actually very hot during the week before the meet, the poor flowers were starting to wilt under the sun. I picked ones which weren't in bloom yet the day before the meet and took them inside. They loved the cooler atmosphere and opened up making my room smell divine! The recipient of my posy and a dear friend of mine loved roses so much and she really appreciated the flowers I got her. In return, I received a colourful posy from the flowers in her garden (and some from her neighbour). I loved how carefully she'd arranged it and how delicate all the little flowers were. Unfortunately they didn't last long but I did take some photos before they died.

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