Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Packaging Print

An under appreciated chocolate print. I didn't even know it featured chocolate boxes until I received it. This Leur Getter dress is so pretty and the colours are what I call dreamy. The texture of the dress is so light and airy that it's absolutely perfect for hot weather and it's so soft that you won't feel uncomfortable in it. When I purchased it, I only noticed the funny little rabbits, deer on the packages and thought it was cute (plus is was cheap so I wasn't looking too closely at it). When I received it and marvelled at it, I noticed in fact the packages are chocolate and bonbon boxes and I just love it so much more!

Dress: Leur Getter
Blouse: Vintage
Necklace: Tokimeki
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Dangerfield
Shoes: Taobao


  1. I saw you and your sister in a video someone from my comm shared on Facebook today! I was so surprised :o I'm growing to love Leur Getter prints <3

    1. Ah, really?? It's spread really far then. Oh, what did you think of it? It was so so short compared to the hours of filming we did but I guess you can't expect a lot, right?

      Thank you! Me too, Leur Getter are starting to develop their own ideas and inspiration. I found so many of their designs too similar to ETC (even if it were deliberate since the head designer is the same). I love their original prints better~